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Views 4
WM3(SC) Kids benefit if mum has job outside home?
LR7(SC) One law for the rich and one for poor?
MOR5(SC) Women should have the right to an abortion?
PC3(SC) Politicians in politics for own benefit?
L4(SC) Effort of getting quals more trouble than worth?
AR5(SC) Not want another race person as my boss?
MOR6(SC) Alright for unmarried people to have kids?
A6(SC) Schools teach children to obey authority?
IT4(SC) Every family should have a computer?
WE3(SC) Important to hang onto job even if unhappy?
WM5(SC) Dads job is to earn money;mums to stay home?
C4(SC) People with no kids are missing out?
IT5(SC) Learning to use a computer more trouble than worth?
EFFICAC1(SC) Never get what I want out of life vs do
EFFICAC2(SC) Usually have control over my life vs not
EFFICAC3(SC) Can run my life how I want vs cannot?
LIFESAT1(SC) Scale of how life has turned out so far
LIFESAT2(SC) Scale of where you expect to be in 10 yrs
THANK(SC) Thank you for completing this.