F - Malaise

MAL01(SC) Do you often have backache?
MAL02(SC) Do you feel tired most of the time?
MAL03(SC) Do you often feel miserable or depressed?
MAL04(SC) Do you often have bad headaches?
MAL05(SC) Do you often get worried about things?
MAL06(SC) Usually have difficulty falling or staying asleep?
MAL07(SC) Usually wake unnecessarily early in morning?
MAL08(SC) Do you wear yourself out worrying about health?
MAL09(SC) Do you often get into a violent rage?
MAL10(SC) Do people often annoy and irritate you?
MAL11(SC) Have you had twitching of face/neck/shoulders?
MAL12(SC) Often suddenly become scared for no reason?
MAL13(SC) Often scared to be alone without friends near?
MAL14(SC) Are you easily upset or irritated?
MAL15(SC) Are you frightened of going out alone?
MAL16(SC) Are you constantly keyed up and jittery?
MAL17(SC) Do you suffer from indigestion?
MAL18(SC) Do you suffer from an upset stomach?
MAL19(SC) Is your appetite poor?
MAL20(SC) Does every little thing get on your nerves?
MAL21(SC) Does your heart often race like mad?
MAL22(SC) Often have bad pains in your eyes?
MAL23(SC) Troubled with rheumatism or fibrositis?
MAL24(SC) Have you ever had a nervous breakdown?