E - Skills

SKILL1A(SC)How good... at communicating with others
SKILL1B(SC) Ever used (communication skills) at work
SKILL2A(SC)How good... at the use of numbers
SKILL2B(SC) Ever used (numbers) at work
SKILL3A(SC)How good... at the use of computers and IT
SKILL3B(SC) Ever used (computers/IT) at work
SKILL4A(SC) How good...at working in a team
SKILL4B(SC) Ever used (team work) at work
SKILL5A(SC) How good...at learning new skills
SKILL5B(SC) Ever (learnt new skills) at work
SKILL6A(SC) How good...at problem solving
SKILL6B(SC) Ever used (problem solving) at work
SKILL7A(SC) How good... at using tools properly
SKILL7B(SC) Ever used (tools properly) at work
SKILL8A(SC) How good... at looking after people
SKILL8B(SC) Ever (looked after people) at work
SKILL9A(SC) How good...at working with finance/accounts
SKILL9B(SC) Ever used (finance/accounts) at work