B - Relationships

HAPPYREL(SC) How happy is CMs relationship - scale
OUTTOG(SC) Freq you and your partner go out together
OUTALONE(SC) Freq you go out on own or with friends
POUTALON(SC) Freq your partner goes out alone or with friends
SAMEPART(SC) If you could live your life again which would you do...
WISHP1(SC) Ever wish not married current partner
WISHP2(SC) Ever wish not lived with current partner
WHOCOOKS(SC) Who mostly ...prepares/cooks main meal
WHOSHOPS(SC)Who mostly does...the shopping
WHOCLEAN(SC)Who mostly does...the cleaning
WHOWASH(SC)Who mostly does...laundry & ironing
WHODIY(SC)Who mostly does...hhld repairs,DIY,decorating
WHOCASH(SC)Who mostly...looks after hhld money, bills etc
WHOTENDS(SC)Who mostly...looks after kids when ill
WHOTEACH(SC)Who mostly...teaches kids good behaviour
WHOCARES(SC)Who mostly...looks after the kids