G - Derived Variables

Derived Variables
IFPROXYProxy interview indicator
SEXPRX(Proxy) CM gender
SEXPRX2(Proxy) Person2 gender
SEXPRX3(Proxy) Person3 gender
SEXPRX4(Proxy) Person4 gender
SEXPRX5(Proxy) Person5 gender
SEXPRX6(Proxy) Person6 gender
SEXPRX7(Proxy) Person7 gender
SEXPRX8(Proxy) Person8 gender
SEXPRX9(Proxy) Person9 gender
SEXPRX10(Proxy) Person10 gender
AGEPRX(Proxy) CM age last birthday
AGEPRX2(Proxy) Person2 age last birthday
AGEPRX3(Proxy) Person3 age last birthday
AGEPRX4(Proxy) Person4 age last birthday
AGEPRX5(Proxy) Person5 age last birthday
AGEPRX6(Proxy) Person6 age last birthday
AGEPRX7(Proxy) Person7 age last birthday
AGEPRX8(Proxy) Person8 age last birthday
AGEPRX9(Proxy) Person9 age last birthday
AGEPRX10(Proxy) Person10 age last birthday
MSPRX(Proxy) CM Current partnership status
MSPRX2(Proxy) Person2 Current partnership status
MSPRX3(Proxy) Person 3 Current partnership status
MSPRX4(Proxy) Person4 Current partnership status
MSPRX5(Proxy) Person5 Current partnership status
MSPRX6(Proxy) Person6 Current partnership status
MSPRX7(Proxy) Person7 Current partnership status
MSPRX8(Proxy) Person8 Current partnership status
MSPRX9(Proxy) Person9 Current partnership status
MSPRX10(Proxy) Person10 Current partnership status
RELPRX(Proxy) Relationship to CM (always blank for CM)
RELPRX2(Proxy) Person2 Relationship to CM
RELPRX3(Proxy) Person3 Relationship to CM
RELPRX4(Proxy) Person4 Relationship to CM
RELPRX5(Proxy) Person5 Relationship to CM
RELPRX6(Proxy) Person6 Relationship to CM
RELPRX7(Proxy) Person7 Relationship to CM
RELPRX8(Proxy) Person8 Relationship to CM
RELPRX9(Proxy) Person9 Relationship to CM
RELPRX10(Proxy) Person10 Relationship to CM
CMSEXPX(Proxy) Interviewer check on CM gender
RENAMPRX(Proxy) Interviewer: record name change on ARF
NORMPRX(Proxy) Does CM usually live at this address?
RESIDPRX(Proxy) Type of accommodation