I - Citizenship and Values

A - Citizenship and Politics
ORGEVER1MC:ever member of organisation
ORGEVER2MC:ever member of organisation
ORGEVER3MC:ever member of organisation
ORGEVER4MC:ever member of organisation
ORGEVER5MC:ever member of organisation
ORGEVER6MC:ever member of organisation
ORGEVER7MC:ever member of organisation
ORGNOW1MC:now member of organisation
ORGNOW2MC:now member of organisation
ORGNOW3MC:now member of organisation
ORGNOW4MC:now member of organisation
ORGFREQFreq take part in political party
ORGFREQ2Freq take part in the environmental charity
ORGFREQ3Freq take part in other charity
ORGFREQ4Freq take part in womens group
ORGFREQ5Freq take part in WI etc
ORGFREQ6Freq take part in PTA etc
ORGFREQ7Freq take part in tenants assoc etc
VOTE97Voted in last General Election-May 97
VOTEWHOWhich party did you vote for?
VOTENOWWhich party would you vote for now
PRTYSUPPStrength of support for party at VoteNow
POLITINTHow interested are you in politics
UNIONMEMCurrently member of a union/Staff Assoc
UNIONEVREver been a member of a union/staff assoc
YNOTMEM1MC:why no longer a member of union/SA
YNOTMEM2MC:why no longer a member of union/SA
YNOTMEM3MC:why no longer a member of union/SA
PAPERDoes CM read a morning newspaper 3+ times/wk?
YNOTMEM4MC:why no longer a member of union/SA
RELIGIONWhat is your religion
NCHRSEDTBackcode from OthNChrs
FREQRELGHow often do you attend services