E - Family Income

A - Family Income
BENCOD01MC: Benefits currently received by CM or partner
BENCOD02MC: Benefits currently received by CM or partner
BENCOD03MC: Benefits currently received by CM or partner
BENCOD04MC: Benefits currently received by CM or partner
BENCOD05MC: Benefits currently received by CM or partner
BENAMTStatutory Sick Pay - amount received
BENAMT2Child Benefit - amount received
BENAMT3Jobseekers Allowance - amount received
BENAMT4Income Support - amount received
BENAMT5WFTC (non-lump sum) - amount received
BENAMT6WFTC (lump sum) - amount received
BENAMT7Council Tax Benefit - amount received
BENAMT8Housing Benefit - amount received
BENAMT9Maternity Allowance - amount received
BENAMT10Statutory Maternity Pay (from employer) - amount received
BENPRDStatutory Sick Pay - period amount covered
BENPRD2Child Benefit - period amount covered
BENPRD3Jobseekers Allowance - period amount covered
BENPRD4Income Support - period amount covered
BENPRD5WFTC (non-lump sum) - period amount covered
BENPRD6WFTC (lump sum) - period amount covered
BENPRD7Council Tax Benefit - period amount covered
BENPRD8Housing Benefit - period amount covered
BENPRD9Maternity Allowance - period amount covered
BENPRD10Statutory Maternity Pay - period amount covered
BENWHOStatutory Sick Pay - who receives it
BENWHO2Child Benefit - who receives it
BENWHO3Jobseekers Allowance - who received it
BENWHO4Income Support - who received it
BENWHO5WFTC (lump sum) - who received it
BENWHO6WFTC (lump sum) - who received it
BENWHO7Council Tax Benefit - who received it
BENWHO8Housing Benefit - who received it
BENWHO9Maternity Allowance - who received it
BENWHO10Statutory Maternity Pay- who received it
BENCOD11MC: Health benefits currently received by CM/partner
BENCOD12MC: Health benefits currently received by CM/partner
BENCOD13MC: Health benefits currently received by CM/partner
BENCOD14MC: Health benefits currently received by CM/partner
BENCOD15MC: Health benefits currently received by CM/partner
BENAMT11Attendance Allowance - amount received
BENAMT12Guardians Allowance - amount received
BENAMT13Invalid Care Allowance (ICA) - amount received
BENAMT14Severe Disablement Allowance (SDA) - amount received
BENAMT15Disability Working Allowance (DWA) - amount received
BENAMT16DLA care component - amount received
BENAMT17DLA mobility component - amount received
BENAMT18Incapacity Benefit - amount received
BENAMT19Industrial Injuries Disable.Ben (IIDB) - amount received
BENAMT20Widows pension - amount received
BENAMT21SF grant Funeral Expenses - amount received
BENAMT22SF grant Maternity Expenses - amount received
BENAMT23SF Community Care grant - amount received
BENAMT24NI credits - amount received
BENAMT25Other state benefit - amount received
BENPRD11Attendance Allowance - period amount covered
BENPRD12Guardians Allowance - period amount covered
BENPRD13ICA - period amount covered
BENPRD14SDA - period amount covered
BENPRD15DWA - period amount covered
BENPRD16DLA care component - period amount covered
BENPRD17DLA mobility component - period amount covered
BENPRD18Incapacity Benefit - period amount covered
BENPRD19IIDB - period amount covered
BENPRD20Widows pension - period amount covered
BENPRD21Funeral Expenses - period amount covered
BENPRD22Maternity Expenses - period amount covered
BENPRD23Community Care grant - period amount covered
BENPRD24NI credits - period amount covered
BENPRD25Other state benefit - period amount covered
BENWHO11Attendance Allowance - who received it
BENWHO12Guardians Allowance - who received it
BENWHO13ICA - who received it
BENWHO14SDA - who received it
BENWHO15DWA - who received it
BENWHO16DLA care component - who received it
BENWHO17DLA mobility component - who received it
BENWHO18Incapacity Benefit - who received it
BENWHO19IIDB - who received it
BENWHO20Widows pension - who received it
BENWHO21Funeral Expenses - who received it
BENWHO22Maternity Expenses - who received it
BENWHO23Community Care grant - who received it
BENWHO24NI credits - who received it
BENWHO25Other state benefit - who received it
INCCOD01MC: Regular sources of income for CM or partner
INCCOD02MC: Regular sources of income for CM or partner
INCCOD03MC: Regular sources of income for CM or partner
INCAMTEducation grant: amount last received
INCAMT2Occupational pension: amount last received
INCAMT3Annuity: amount last received
INCAMT4Income from trade union: amount last received
INCAMT5Maintenance from expartner: amount last received
INCAMT6Foster child allowance: amount last received
INCAMT7Cash from parents: amount last received
INCAMT8Cash from other relatives: amount last received
INCAMT9Rent from property: amount last received
INCAMT10Income from other orgs: amount last received
INCAMT11Accident insurance: amount last received
INCAMT12Other income: amount received
INCPRDEducation grant: period amount covered
INCPRD2Occupational pension: period amount covered
INCPRD3Annuity: period amount covered
INCPRD4Income from trade union: period amount covered
INCPRD5Maintenance from expartner: period amount covered
INCPRD6Foster child allowance: period amount covered
INCPRD7Cash from parents: period amount covered
INCPRD8Cash from other relatives: period amount covered
INCPRD9Rent from property: period amount covered
INCPRD10Income from other orgs: period amount covered
INCPRD11Accident insurance: period amount covered
INCPRD12Other income: period amount covered
INCWHOEducation grant: who received it
INCWHO2Occupational pension: who received it
INCWHO3Annuity: who received it
INCWHO4Income from trade union: who received it
INCWHO5Maintenance from expartner: who received it
INCWHO6Foster child allowance: who received it
INCWHO7Cash from parents: who received it
INCWHO8Cash from other relatives: who received it
INCWHO9Rent from property: who received it
INCWHO10Income from other orgs: who received it
INCWHO11Accident insurance: who received it
INCWHO12Other income: who received it
ORGCASHHow CM/partner organise their money
FINNOWHow well CM managing financially these days
FINTHENA yr from now will CM be better or worse off'