H - Family Income

Family Income
HOMELSS4D Ever been homeless
N5734P4D Value of inheritance or gift
N5617P4D 1st saving or investment - amount
N5625P4D 2nd saving or investment - amount
N5633P4D 3rd saving or investment - amount
N5641P4D 4th saving or investment - amount
N5649P4D 5th saving or investment - amount
N5657P4D 6th saving or investment - amount
N5665P4D 7th saving or investment - amount
N5673P4D 8th saving or investment - amount
N5715P4D 9th saving or investment - amount
N5723P4D 10th saving or investment - amount
N5516PW4D 1st benefit - amount per week
N5523PW4D 2nd benefit - amount per week
N5530PW4D 3rd benefit - amount per week
N5537PW4D 4th benefit - amount per week
N5544PW4D 5th benefit - amount per week
N5552PW4D 1st other payment - amount per week
N5559PW4D 2nd other payment - amount per week
N5566PW4D 3rd other payment amount per week
N5573PW4D 4th other payment - amount per week
BENINCPW4D Total weekly income from benefits
OTHINCPW4D Total weekly income from other sources
SAVINV4D Total value of savings and investments
UNEMPB4D Unemployment benefit per week
SUPPB4D Supplementary benefit per week
UNSUPPB4D Combined uneployment and supp ben
SICKB4D Sickness benefit per week
DISABEN4D Disablity benefits per week
FIS4D Family income supplement per week
CHILDB4D Child benefit per week
ONEPB4D One parent benefit per week
MATA4D Maternity allowance per week
OTHERB4D Other state benefits per week
EDGRANT4D Education grant
MAIN4D Maintenance
CASH4D Cash help from parents per week
OTHERS4D Other regular income per week
EARNGSN4D Net earnings per week from all jobs
EARNGSG4D Gross earnings per week from all jobs
FAMNET4D Net family income per week
FAMGRS4D Gross family income per week
ESTGE14D Estimated gross earnings from work
ESTFAMG14D Estimated gross family income
EQUIV4D Total equivalence score
BUILDS4D Money in building society
NATS4D Money in national savings certificates
POSB4D Money in post office savings bank
BDEP4D Money in bank deposit account
TSB4D Money in trustee savings bank
SAYE4D Money in save as you earn scheme
PREMB4D Money in premium bonds
OTHSAV4D Money in other forms of saving
SHARES4D Money in company stocks and shares
UNITS4D Money in unit trusts
GOVTS4D Money in govt stocks and securities
LABS4D Money in la bonds and securities
PROP4D Money in bricks & mortar - not home
OTHINV4D Money in other investments
RESP4D Savings etc held by respondent
SPOUSE4D Savings etc held by spouse
JOINT4D Savings etc held by respondent and spouse
ROTHER4D Savings held by respondent and other
SPOTHER4D Savings held by spouse and other
DEMPSTAT4D Current employment status (was previously EMPSTAT)
FULLPART4D Respondent in full or part-time work
PEMPSTAT4D Employment status of spouse or partner
PARTIME4D Spouse or partner full or part-time
FAMNETR4D Grouped net family income per week
FAMGRSR4D Grouped gross family net income per week
FEQN14D Grouped equiv net fam income
FAMNET14D Dhss grouped net family income
FAMGRS14D Dhss grouped gross family income
FEQN4D Equivalent net family income
FEQN24D Dhss grouped equiv net fam inc
INHERIT4D Who received inheritance or gift
NOPSY4D Any psych problem?