G - Housing

Equity Sharers (Derived)
N5341P4D Purchase price of equity
OWNER4D Whether owner or not of house
TYPEOWN4D Whether first owner by hoh
FIRSTOWN4D Whether first owner or not
MORT4D Mortgage in 1000s
MORTPR4D Mortgage as percent of house price
MORTP14D Mortgage as percent of house price
BUYEAR4D Grouped year of home purchase
PRICE14D House price in $000's
PRICE24D Adjusted house price in $000's
LOANGIFT4D Whether used loangift to purchase home
SAVERS4D Whether used savings to purchase home
EVERBUY4D Whether ever buy
ASPBUY4D Whether want to own now
PARTAGE14D Age of spouse or partner grouped
PSTATUS4D Partnership status
PARENT4D Whether parent or not
EVERMARR4D Whether ever want to marry
PLANMARR4D Whether will marry in the year
PCURRACC4D Months spent in current accomm since 16
TIMEHERE4D Time in current accom for all sample
LIVARRG14D Living arrngmnt at 1st addrss
TENURE14D Tenure on first move from home at 16 plu
ECONST54D Econstat shown at five levels
COUNTRY4D Country of residence 1981
CROWDING4D Persons per room
DENSITY4D Categories of persons per room
DIFF4D Bedroom standard
ROOMS4D Total number of rooms
PERSONS4D Total number of persons
LEFT164D Whether left people with at 16
HOH4D Head of respndts household at 23
RENTERS4D All renters
CENSTENR4D Current tenure comparable with census
DTENURE4D Current tenure (was previously TENURE)
BATH4D Use of bath or shower
WC4D Use of wc
DHHSIZE4D Current household size (was previously HHSIZE)
HCOMP4D Current household composition
FAMHH4D Current family and household type
Owners (Derived)
N5353PR4D House price at 1981 prices
N5353PRE4D House price at 1981<eng> prices
N5359G4D Main finance used to buy home
N5361G4D 1st other source of finance to buy home
N5363G4D 2nd oth source of finance to buy home
N5353P4D Purchase price of home
N5365P4D Amount of mortgage or loan
Private Renters (Derived)
N5419PW4D Private tenant - rent per week
N5427PW4D Private tenant - rates per week
N5431PW4D Private tenant - allow