F - Marriage and Cohabitation

Marriage and Cohabitation
DURPTBLP4D Duration of partnership preceding longes
CURRSOC4D Social position of current or last job
PARTSOC4D Partners current social position
SECGENHH4D Second generation household
PTSTATM4D Current partners prior marital status
PTSTATP4D Current partners prior parental status
CUPTSTAT4D Current partners prior family status
FIRSTSOC4D Social position of first job
ENDSTAT4D Current status of fstpart
BTOINTR4D Duration currpart in years
BTOMA1R4D Begtoma1 in years
BTOMACR4D Begtomac in years
PREMST14D 1st partners prior marital status
PT1KIDS4D Whether live child or only preg in fstpa
TYPANEND4D Nature and current status of fstpart
PREPREG4D Whether pregnant at fstpart
PREGMAR4D Premarital pregnancy inluding precohb
DURPT1R4D Durpt1 in years
AGEDIFF4D Age difference at fstpart
AGEDIFFR4D Agediff in 5yr groups
PTPATTR4D Partpatt including interlp
BLENDFAM4D Status of kids in family
PRECOHBR4D Duration premarital cohab in years
CURRSOCR4D Grouped currsoc
PREMETR4D Years known before fstpart
CHPT14D Kids or preg only in fstpart
AGEATPT14D Age at fstpart
AGEP1R4D Ageatpt1 in single years
JNTACT4D Couples joint current econ activity
JNTSOC4D Couples joint social class
BREAKUP4D Breakdown experience
RECON4D Reconstituted families
CUPTBEG4D Start date current partnership
DURLP4D Duration of longest lonpar
LPAGE4D Age at start longest lonpar
PARTSEX4D Implicit sex of spouse or partner
FSTPART4D Nature of first partnership
AGEATFCH4D Age at birth of first child
PARTSTAT4D Current partnership status
FAMTYP4D Type of currentfamily unit
AGELSCH4D Age left school
PARTAGE4D Age of spouse or partner
PARTAGE24D 1st partners age at start
CPARTAGE4D Age of current partner
Present Cohabitation (Derived)
N5164PW4D Partner's net pay per week