D - UnEmployment

Out of Labour Force (Derived)
OLF1TIME4D Months in 1st period olf
OLF2TIME4D Months in 2nd period olf
OLF3TIME4D Months in 3rd period olf
OLF4TIME4D Months in 4th-latest period olf
OLFTIME4D Total months out of labour force
NEWN48184D N spells olf for full sample
NEWN47214D Months in 1st unemp period up to iv
NEWN47274D Months in 2nd unemp period up to iv
NEWN47334D Months in 3rd unemp period up to iv
NEWN47394D Months in 4th-latest unemp period up to
NEWN47164D N spells unemp for full sample