C - Section B - The Child in School

The areas covered include: type and size of school, social composition and academic record of the school, provision for sex education and career advice, parent-school contacts, disciplinary methods used, size and nature of child's class, ability ratings, likely examination entries, details of any special provisions for the child, attendance record, prediction of future educational and occupational progress, and ratings of parental interest. Teachers completed a standardised instrument to provide a description of the child's behaviour in school. At sixteen the school version of the Rutter behaviour scale (Rutter 1967) was used.

Section B - The Child in School
N21933S Type English class
N21943S Ability range of English class-MC1:2
N21953S Ability range of English class-MC2:2
N21963S No. children in English class
N21983S English lessons-hours per week
N21993S Can child read enough to cope
N22003S Type mathematics class
N22013S Ability range of maths class-MC1:2
N22023S Ability range of maths class-MC2:2
N22033S No. children in maths class
N22053S Mathematics lessons-hours per week
N22063S Calculations-can child shop normally
N22073S Is child a boarder or day pupil
N22083S Exam intentions & passes-1st Subject
N22093S 1st Subject studied
N22113S Exam intentions & passes-2nd Subject
N22123S 2nd Subject studied
N22143S Exam intentions & passes-3rd Subject
N22153S 3rd Subject studied
N22173S Exam intentions & passes-4th Subject
N22183S 4th Subject studied
N22203S Exam intentions & passes-5th Subject
N22213S 5th Subject studied
N22233S Exam intentions & passes-6th Subject
N22243S 6th Subject studied
N22263S Exam intentions & passes-7th Subject
N22273S 7th Subject studied
N22293S Exam intentions & passes-8th Subject
N22303S 8th Subject studied
N22323S Exam intentions & passes-9th Subject
N22333S 9th Subject studied
N22353S Exam intentions & passes-10th Subject
N22363S 10th Subject studied
N22383S Exam intentions & passes-11th Subject
N22393S 11th Subject studied
N22413S Exam intentions & passes-12th Subject
N22423S 12th Subject studied
N22443S Ability rating-mathematics
N22453S Ability rating-English
N22463S Ability rating-modern languages
N22473S Ability rating-science
N22483S Ability rating-practical subjects
N22493S Ability rating-social studies
N22503S Child receiving help sch-backwardness
N22513S Child receiving help sch-superiority
N22523S Child receiving help sch-behaviour
N22533S Child receiving help sch-disability
N22543S Contact with any services-MC 1:5
N22553S Contact with any services-MC 2:5
N22563S Contact with any services-MC 3:5
N22573S Contact with any services-MC 4:5
N22583S Contact with any services-MC 5:5
N22593S Spec help aftr left sch due to hcap
N22723S Autumn-poss.half-day attendances 1973
N22753S Autumn-no. of half-days absent 1973
N22783S Autumn-poss.half-day attendances 1972
N22813S Autumn-no. of half-days absent 1972
N22843S Time child has been at this school
N22853S Most suitable type further,highr educ
N22863S Would staying on at sch benefit chld
N22873S If not expected to stay on,1st reason
N22883S If not expected to stay on-2nd reason
N22893S If not expected to stay on-3rd reason
N22903S Child's 1st job-certainty of answer
N22913S Child's 1st job-area job description
N22923S Child's 1st job-job description
N22933S Child-been in trouble with the police
N22943S Chld trouble police-Soc Serv involved
N22953S Chld trouble police-how dealt with
N22963S Restless,difficulty staying seated
N22973S Child's behaviour,past year-truanting
N22983S Squirmy, fidgety
N22993S Destroys,damages own, others property
N23003S Frequently fights,very quarrelsome
N23013S Not much liked by other children
N23023S Often worries about many things
N23033S Tends to be on own-rather solitary
N23043S Irritable,touchy,flies off the handle
N23053S Often appears miserable,unhappy, etc
N23063S Twitches,mannerisms,tics-face or body
N23073S Frequently sucks thumb or finger
N23083S Frequently bites nails or fingers
N23093S School absences for trivial reasons
N23103S Is often disobedient
N23113S Cannot settle more than a few moments
N23123S Fearful of new situations & things
N23133S Fussy or over particular
N23143S Often tells lies
N23153S Has stolen at least once in past yr
N23163S Unresponsive, inert or apathetic
N23173S Often complains of aches or pains
N23183S Tears on arrival,refusal to enter sch
N23193S Has a stutter or a stammer
N23203S Resentful,aggressive when corrected
N23213S Bullies other children
N23223S Parnt-teacher discuss chld this sch y
N23233S Initiative parent-teacher discussion
N23243S Father's interest in chlds education
N23253S Mother's interest in chlds education
N23263S Cautious:1-2-3-4-5:Impulsive
N23273S Moody:1-2-3-4-5:Even-tempered
N23283S Timid:1-2-3-4-5:Aggressive
N23293S Flexible:1-2-3-4-5:Rigid
N23303S Sociable:1-2-3-4-5:Withdrawn
N23313S Lazy:1-2-3-4-5:Hardworkng
N23323S Child has poor hearing-teachers view
N23333S Child poor speech-teachers view
N23343S Child poor eyesight-teachers view
N23353S Child clumsy -teachers view
N23363S Child poor hand control-teachers view
N23373S Chld poor co-ordination-teachers view
N23383S Child obese,overweight-teachers view