B - Section A - The School

The areas covered include: type and size of school, social composition and academic record of the school, provision for sex education and career advice, parent-school contacts, disciplinary methods used, size and nature of child's class, ability ratings, likely examination entries, details of any special provisions for the child, attendance record, prediction of future educational and occupational progress, and ratings of parental interest. Teachers completed a standardised instrument to provide a description of the child's behaviour in school. At sixteen the school version of the Rutter behaviour scale (Rutter 1967) was used.

Section A - The School
N21023S Local Authority & voluntary schools
N21033S Schools not wholly maintained by LEA
N21043S No. pupils at present on school roll
N21083S No. on school roll who are boarders
N21123S Is school single sex, co-educational
N21133S Age in yrs-youngest pupils in school
N21143S Age in yrs-oldest pupils in school
N21153S Percent childn in sch Dad non-man job
N21163S If school comprehensive-how formed
N21173S % boys aged 15 studying GCE,SCE only
N21193S % girls aged 15 studying GCE,SCE only
N21213S % of boys aged 15 studying CSE only
N21233S % of girls aged 15 studying CSE only
N21253S % of boys aged 15 studying GCE & CSE
N21273S % of girls aged 15 studying GCE & CSE
N21293S Boys obtaining 2 passes-GCE'A',3SCEH
N21313S Girls obtaining 2 passes-GCE'A',3SCEH
N21333S No. boys doing f.time degree courses
N21353S No. girls doing f.time degree courses
N21373S Percentage-boys staying on at school
N21393S Percentage-girls staying on at school
N21413S No. of full-time teachers in school
N21443S Part-time staff,full-time equivalent
N21463S No. f.time teachers who left last yr
N21483S How many teachers give career guidnce
N21493S Reducn teach. load for career guidnce
N21513S Career guidance-any special payment
N21523S Career training received by teacher
N21533S Lessons on reproduction-physiology
N21543S Lessons on personal aspects sex rels
N21553S Lessons about contraception
N21563S Lessons on venereal diseases
N21573S School class allocation-12 to 13 yrs
N21583S Parent-teacher meetings,discussion
N21593S Occasions parents see pupils at work
N21603S Parents shown teaching methods
N21613S Has sch a parent-teacher association
N21623S Does the school have a uniform
N21633S School lacks facilities M:C1-7
N21643S School lacks facilities M:C2-7
N21653S School lacks facilities M:C3-7
N21663S School lacks facilities M:C4-7
N21673S School lacks facilities M:C5-7
N21683S School lacks facilities M:C6-7
N21693S School lacks facilities M:C7-7
N21703S N of pupils expelled last year
N21843S Disciplinary methods-suspension
N21853S Disciplin.methods-corporal punishment
N21863S Disciplinary methods-physical,manual
N21873S Disciplinary methods-extra sch work
N21883S Disciplinary methods-detention
N21893S Disciplinary methods-loss spec status
N21903S Disciplin.methods-exclusion activity
N21913S Disciplinary methods-report to parent
N21923S Disciplinary methods-special reports
N22683S Local Authority - School Questionnair
N22693S Region - School Questionnaire