D - Medical Examination

The medical officer obtained information on aspects of medical history, similar to that obtained from parents. He or she recorded the results of test of near and distant vision, hearing, speech, and motor co-ordination and measured the child's height and weight. In the course of a systematic examination, results were recorded of any findings relating to skin conditions, hernias, respiratory tract infections, and any defects in the cardiovascular system, the alimentary tract, the urogenital system, bones and joints, and the neuromuscular system. The medical officers assessed the child's pubertal development.

Hearing Examination
N19393M Has a hearing aid been prescribed
N19403M Incorrect hearing responses-left ear
N19423M Incorrect hearing responses-right ear
N19443M Doctor's assessment of hearing
Height and Weight
N19493M Child's height,in bare feet,in cms
N19533M Child's weight,in underclothes,kgms
N19613M Has the child a hernia M:C 1-2
N19623M Has the child a hernia M:C 2-2
Motor Coordination
N20083M Standing heel to toe for 15 secs
N20093M Hopping-left foot
N20103M Hopping-right foot
N20123M Catch,bounce tennis ball-right hand
N20143M Catch,bounce tennis ball-left hand
N20153M Assessment of child's co-ordination
N20163M If clumsy-identify limbs concerned
Pubertal Assesment
N19993M Pubertal assessment(boy)-voice broken
N20003M Pubertal assessment(boy)-pubic hair
N20013M Pubertal assessment(boy)axillary hair
N20023M Pubertal assessment(boy)-facial hair
N20033M Pubertal assessment(girl)menstruation
N20053M Pubertal assessment(girl)breast devlp
N20063M Pubertal assessment(girl)-pubic hair
N20073M Has girl any axillary hair
N19573M Has child any skin disorder-MC 1:4
N19583M Has child any skin disorder-MC 2:4
N19593M Has child any skin disorder-MC 3:4
N19603M Has child any skin disorder-MC 4:4
N19453M Speech test - mispronounced words
N19473M Any stammer or stutter
N19483M Assessment of speech intelligibility
N20173M Identify child's ethnic grouping
N20183M General motor handicap
N20193M General physical abnormality
N20203M Mental retardation
N20213M Emotional,behavioural problem
N20223M Abnormality head and neck
N20233M Abnormality of upper limbs
N20243M Abnormality of lower limbs
N20253M Abnormality of spine-summary
N20263M Abnormality of respiratory system
N20273M Abnormality of alimentary system
N20283M Abnormality of urogenital system
N20293M Abnormality of heart
N20303M Haematological abnormality
N20313M Abnormality of skin
N20323M Epilepsy
N20333M CNS condition,other than epilepsy
N20343M Diabetes
N20353M Abnormal eye condition
N20363M Hearing defect
N20373M Speech defect
N20383M Any other abnormal condition
Systemic Exam
N19643M Systemic examination-first condition
N19663M Systemic examination-2nd condition
N19903M Abnormal upper respiratory tract
N19913M Abnormal lower respiratory tract
N19923M Abnormal cardiovascular system
N19933M Abnormal alimentary tract
N19943M Abnormal urogenital system
N19953M Abnormal bones and joints
N19963M Abnormal neuromuscular,logical system
N19973M Any other abnormal condition
N19983M Child over- or under-weight
N19633M Has boy undescended,ectopic testicles
Vision Examination
N19243M Evidence of squint
N19253M Whether glasses prescribed at present
N19263M Reason glasses prescribed
N19273M Left eye-distant vision no glasses
N19283M Right eye-distant vision no glasses
N19293M Left eye-distant vision with glasses
N19303M Right eye-distant vision with glasses
N19313M Left eye-near vision no glasses
N19323M Right eye-near vision no glasses
N19333M Left eye-near vision with glasses
N19343M Right eye-near vision with glasses
N19353M Does chld have eye condition-MC1:4
N19363M Does chld have eye condition-MC2:4
N19373M Does chld have eye condition-MC3:4
N19383M Does chld have eye condition-MC4:4