C - Personal History

The medical officer obtained information on aspects of medical history, similar to that obtained from parents. He or she recorded the results of test of near and distant vision, hearing, speech, and motor co-ordination and measured the child's height and weight. In the course of a systematic examination, results were recorded of any findings relating to skin conditions, hernias, respiratory tract infections, and any defects in the cardiovascular system, the alimentary tract, the urogenital system, bones and joints, and the neuromuscular system. The medical officers assessed the child's pubertal development.

N18993M Immunisation,vaccination-tuberculosis
N19003M Immunisation,vaccination-rubella
N19013M Immunisation,vaccination-smallpox
Recent Illness
N19023M Hospital admission in last yr
N19043M Reason for hosp admiss last 12 mnths
N19053M Hosp accident,casualty dept last yr
N19073M Reason accident,casualty dept last yr
N19083M Hosp outpatient attendance,last yr
N19103M Reason hosp outpatient last yr
N19113M G.P.,health centre attendance-last yr
N19123M Reason for attending GP,etc-MC 1:7
N19133M Reason for attending GP,etc-MC 2:7
N19143M Reason for attending GP,etc-MC 3:7
N19153M Reason for attending GP,etc-MC 4:7
N19163M Reason for attending GP,etc-MC 5:7
N19173M Reason for attending GP,etc-MC 6:7
N19183M Reason for attending GP,etc-MC 7:7
N19193M Seen psychiatr,ologist,chld guid clin
N19203M Seen psychiatrist,ologist at hospital
N19213M Seen psychiatrist,ologist,other place
N19233M Reason seen psychiatrist,psychologist