P - Accidents and Injuries

The following areas have been covered: Father's and mother's occupation, length of parents' education, smoking habits, aspirations and expectations for child's future education and occupation, family relationships, parent-school contacts, sources of income and indices of poverty (including at sixteen only, details of household income), housing circumstances, child's general health and information on accidents, hospital admissions and visits to the doctor, and details of medical history relating to vision, hearing, speech therapy, convulsions, asthma, migraine, enuresis, psychiatric problems, dental care and pubertal development. Parents also answered questions which combine to give an index of behaviour in the home (Rutter and others, 1970). Individual items of this scale also provide useful information, for example concerning truancy.

Accidents and Injuries
N25663P Accident to child nec hosp attendance
N25673P Place of most recent accident
N25683P Place of 2nd most recent accident
N25693P Place of 3rd most recent accident
N25703P Place of 4th most recent accident
N25713P Injury-most recent accident-MC 1:4
Page 15, Question 50(c)(i)
Question Asked:
Type of injury: (i) Next most recent


ValueLabelFreq. % 
1Not known35 0.7 
2No injury seen439 8.7 
3Unconsciousness214 4.3 
4Skull fracture43 0.9 
5Bone fracture1353 26.9 
6Eye injury133 2.6 
7Burn or scald193 3.8 
8Wound-stitches372 7.4 
9Poisoning55 1.1 
10Danger-drowning5 0.1 
11Other2190 43.5 
N25723P Injury-most recent accident-MC 2:4
N25733P Injury-most recent accident-MC 3:4
N25743P Injury-most recent accident-MC 4:4
N25753P Injury-2ndmost recent accident-MC 1:2
N25763P Injury-2ndmost recent accident-MC 2:2
N25773P Injury-3rdmost recent accident-MC 1:2
N25783P Injury-3rdmost recent accident-MC 2:2
N25793P Injury-4thmost recent accident-MC 1:2
N25803P Injury-4thmost recent accident-MC 2:2
N25813P Age at most recent accident
N25833P Age 2nd most recent accident
N25853P Age 3rd most recent accident
N25873P Age 4th most recent accident