M - Health and Behaviour

The following areas have been covered: Father's and mother's occupation, length of parents' education, smoking habits, aspirations and expectations for child's future education and occupation, family relationships, parent-school contacts, sources of income and indices of poverty (including at sixteen only, details of household income), housing circumstances, child's general health and information on accidents, hospital admissions and visits to the doctor, and details of medical history relating to vision, hearing, speech therapy, convulsions, asthma, migraine, enuresis, psychiatric problems, dental care and pubertal development. Parents also answered questions which combine to give an index of behaviour in the home (Rutter and others, 1970). Individual items of this scale also provide useful information, for example concerning truancy.

Health and Behaviour
N25013P Stomach ache or vomiting in past 12m
N25023P Wets pants or bed in past 12m
N25033P Soils,loss of bowel control past 12m
N25043P Temper tantrums in past 12m
N25053P Tears on arrival at school,etc in 12m
N25063P Does child play truant from school
N25073P Does he,she stammer or stutter
N25083P Any other speech difficulties
N25093P Does he,she steal things
N25103P Is there any eating difficulty
N25113P Type of eating difficulty M:C 1-2
N25123P Type of eating difficulty M:C 2-2
N25133P Does kid have any sleeping difficulty
N25143P Type of sleeping difficulty M:C 1-3
N25153P Type of sleeping difficulty M:C 2-3
N25163P Type of sleeping difficulty M:C 3-3
N25173P Restless, difficulty staying seated
N25183P Squirmy,fidgety child
N25193P Often destroys others property
N25203P Frequently fights, quarrelsome
N25213P Not much liked by other children
N25223P Often worries about things
N25233P Does things on own, rather solitary
N25243P Irritable, flies off the handle
N25253P Appears miserable,unhappy & tearful
N25263P Twitches,mannerisms,tics-face or body
N25273P Frequently sucks thumb or fingers
N25283P Frequently bites nails or fingers
N25293P Is often disobedient
N25303P Cannot settle more than a few moments
N25313P Fearful of new situations or things
N25323P Fussy, over particular
N25333P Often tells lies
N25343P Bullies other children