K - Accomodation

The following areas have been covered: Father's and mother's occupation, length of parents' education, smoking habits, aspirations and expectations for child's future education and occupation, family relationships, parent-school contacts, sources of income and indices of poverty (including at sixteen only, details of household income), housing circumstances, child's general health and information on accidents, hospital admissions and visits to the doctor, and details of medical history relating to vision, hearing, speech therapy, convulsions, asthma, migraine, enuresis, psychiatric problems, dental care and pubertal development. Parents also answered questions which combine to give an index of behaviour in the home (Rutter and others, 1970). Individual items of this scale also provide useful information, for example concerning truancy.

N24703P Accommodation occupied by household
N24713P Type of accommodation
N24723P Household amenities-bathroom
N24733P Household amenities-indoor lavatory
N24743P Household amenities-outdoor lavatory
N24753P Household amenities-hot water
N24763P Number of rooms in the accommodation
N24783P Kitchen=6ft? - Kitchen=living room?
N24793P How many people share child-s bedroom
N24803P How many people share child-s bed
N24813P Accommodation-floors in building
N24833P Floor level of front door
N24843P Facilities within household-MC 1:7
N24853P Facilities within household-MC 2:7
N24863P Facilities within household-MC 3:7
N24873P Facilities within household-MC 4:7
N24883P Facilities within household-MC 5:7
N24893P Facilities within household-MC 6:7
N24903P Facilities within household-MC 7:7
N24913P How long has kid been at this address
N24923P No. family moves since childs birth
Derived Variables
N17323P Persons per room-kitchen=living room
N17333P Persons per room-kitchen=6ft+ wide
N17343PD No. of persons per room - version A
N17353PD No. of persons per room - version B
N17363PD Access to household amenities