H - Childs Future

The following areas have been covered: Father's and mother's occupation, length of parents' education, smoking habits, aspirations and expectations for child's future education and occupation, family relationships, parent-school contacts, sources of income and indices of poverty (including at sixteen only, details of household income), housing circumstances, child's general health and information on accidents, hospital admissions and visits to the doctor, and details of medical history relating to vision, hearing, speech therapy, convulsions, asthma, migraine, enuresis, psychiatric problems, dental care and pubertal development. Parents also answered questions which combine to give an index of behaviour in the home (Rutter and others, 1970). Individual items of this scale also provide useful information, for example concerning truancy.

Childs Future
N24023P How often child goes out in evening
N24033P Parents wish child left school at 15
N24043P Why wish chld left sch at 15-MC 1:3
N24053P Why wish child left sch at 15-MC 2:3
N24063P Why wish child left sch at 15-MC 3:3
N24073P Parents wishes about childs education
N24083P Parents expectations childs education
N24093P Hopes chlds 1st job - crtnty of answe
N24103P Hopes childs 1st job - area job dscrp
N24113S Hopes childs 1st job-job description
N24123S Expect chlds 1st job - crtnty of ans
N24133P Expect chlds 1st job-area job dscrptn
N24143S Expect chlds 1st job-job description
N24153P Help nec aftr left sch due to handicp
N24163P Type hcap for which will require help
N24173P Parental satisfaction with chlds educ
N24183P Reason education unsatisfactory-MC1:3
N24193P Reason education unsatisfactory-MC2:3
N24203P Reason education unsatisfactory-MC3:3
N24213P No.parent,teacher discussions last ye