U - Relationship with Parents

At age sixteen the questionnaire included questions on: attitudes to school and to methods of punishment in school, future educational and occupational expectations and aspirations, reasons for leaving school and choosing a job, school absences, self-ratings in school subjects, spare-time work, income and pocket money, intentions about marriage and having children, sex education and preparation for parenthood, leisure activities, family relationships, smoking and drinking and handedness.

Relationship with Parents
N28803I Stdy chld gets on well with mother
N28813I Stdy chld gets on well with father
N28823I Stdy chld often quarrels with sibling
N28833I Parents-strong views chlds appearance
N28843I Parents-ask where chld goes,evenings
N28853I Parents-disapprove chlds male friends
N28863I Parents-disapprove chlds girl friends