D - Childs Activities

General Ability Test (Douglas, 1964) - containing verbal and non-verbal items. Reading Comprehension Test - constructed by the National Foundation for Educational Research in England and Wales (NFER) specifically for use in this study. Arithmetic/Mathematics Test - again constructed by NFER especially for use in this study.

Childs Activities
N9312T Does pupil borrow books from library
N9322T Pupil's intentions on leaving school
N9332T Pupil meets friends out of school
N9342T Pupil goes to the cinema
N9352T Pupil reads books-not sch,homework
N9362T Pupil reads newspapers,mags,comics
N9372T Pupil listens to music other than pop
N9382T Pupil goes to clubs outside school
N9392T Pupil goes to sch clubs,outof sch hrs
N9402T Pupil helps at home
N9412T Pupil takes part in sport out of sch
N9422T Pupil writes stories etc out of sch
N9432T Pupil draws,paint out of school hrs
N9442T Pupil cooks
N9452T Pupil collects stamps
N9462T Pupil sews,knits outside school hours
N9472T Pupil makes models out of school hrs
N9482T Pupil listens to radio out of sch hrs
N9492T Pupil watches T.V. out of sch hrs
N9502T Pupil looks after animals
N9512T Additional hobbies - at least one
N9522T Additional hobbies - at least two
N9532T Additional hobbies - at least three
N9542T Additional hobbies - four
N9582T Pupil's occupation at 25