D - Medical Examination

The medical officer obtained information on aspects of medical history, similar to that obtained from parents. He or she recorded the results of test of near and distant vision, hearing, speech, and motor co-ordination and measured the child's height and weight. In the course of a systematic examination, results were recorded of any findings relating to skin conditions, hernias, respiratory tract infections, and any defects in the cardiovascular system, the alimentary tract, the urogenital system, bones and joints, and the neuromuscular system. The medical officers also assessed the child's pubertal development.

Abdomen Examination
N15252M Exam.of childs abdomen M:C 1-3
N15262M Exam.of childs abdomen M:C 2-3
N15272M Exam.of childs abdomen M:C 3-3
Cardiovascular System
N15232M Symptms cardiovascular disease-MC 1:2
N15242M Symptms cardiovascular disease-MC 2:2
N15682M Any abnormality,clumsiness-MC 1:4
N15692M Any abnormality,clumsiness-MC 2:4
N15702M Any abnormality,clumsiness-MC 3:4
N15712M Any abnormality,clumsiness-MC 4:4
CNS Examination
N15362M CNS,muscle,orthopaedic exam.M:C1-3
N15372M CNS,muscle,orthopaedic exam.M:C2-3
N15382M CNS,muscle,orthopaedic exam.M:C3-3
N15192M Exam.left ear with auroscope M:C 1-2
N15202M Exam.left ear with auroscope M:C 2-2
N15212M Exam.right ear with auroscope M:C 1-2
N15222M Exam.right ear with auroscope M:C 2-2
Eyes and Vision
N15542M Evidence of squint
N15552M Left eye-distant vision no glasses
N15562M Right eye-distant vision no glasses
N15572M Left eye-distant vision with glasses
N15582M Right eye-distant vision with glasses
N15592M Does Snellen chart measure 6:5 vision
N15602M Left eye-near vision without glasses
N15612M Right eye-near vision without glasses
N15622M Left eye-near vision with glasses
N15632M Right eye-near vision with glasses
N15652M Type of vision abnormality-MC 1:2
N15662M Type of vision abnormality-MC 2:2
N15672M Does vision affect normal schooling
N15722M Colour vision-Ishihara plates-MC 1:2
N15732M Colour vision- Ishihara plates-MC 2:2
N15072M Congenital,acquired condition,handicp
Hearing Examination
N15482M No. of words misheard -test right ear
N15512M No. of words misheard-test left ear
N15522M Does the child wear a hearing aid
N15532M Would hearing loss affect schooling
N15102M Childs height no shoes,socks- inches
N15822M Which hand used to throw ball-MC 1:2
N15832M Which hand used to throw ball-MC 2:2
N15842M Which foot used to kick ball-MC 1:2
N15852M Which foot used to kick ball-MC 2:2
N15862M Eye used to look down tube-MC 1:2
N15872M Eye used to look down tube-MC 2:2
Medical Examination
N15112M Fractions of an inch in childs height
Motor Coordination
N15882M Walking backwards along straight line
N15892M Standing on right foot 15 for seconds
N15902M Standing on left foot for 15 seconds
N15912M Standing heel to toe for 15 seconds
N15942M Catch,bounce tennis ball-right hand
N15972M Catch,bounce tennis ball-left hand
N16012M No. squares marked-right hand in 1min
N16052M No. squares marked-left hand in 1min
N16082M Time picking up 20 matches-right hand
N16112M Time picking up 20 matches-left hand
N16122M From features,state chlds ethnic grou
Puberty Rating
N15292M Boys genitalia rating
N15302M Boys pubic hair rating
N15312M Girls breast rating
N15322M Girls pubic hair rating
Skin Examination
N15332M Skin,hair,nail abnormalities-MC 1:3
N15342M Examination of skin,hair nails-MC 2:3
N15352M Examination of skin,hair nails-MC 3:3
N15432M Total no. words mispronounced in test
N15442M Defect in child's articulation-MC 1:2
N15452M Defect in child's articulation-MC 2:2
N15282M Boys-have the testicles descended
Upper and Lower Respiratory Tract
N15162M Nose,throat,palate,chest M:C 1-3
N15172M Nose,throat,palate,chest M:C 2-3
N15182M Nose,throat,palate,chest M:C 3-3
N15152M Childs weight in underwear,nearest lb