C - Medical History

The medical officer obtained information on aspects of medical history, similar to that obtained from parents. He or she recorded the results of test of near and distant vision, hearing, speech, and motor co-ordination and measured the child's height and weight. In the course of a systematic examination, results were recorded of any findings relating to skin conditions, hernias, respiratory tract infections, and any defects in the cardiovascular system, the alimentary tract, the urogenital system, bones and joints, and the neuromuscular system. The medical officers also assessed the child's pubertal development.

N14902M Ever hernia,abdomen complaint M:C1-2
N14912M Ever hernia,abdomen complaint M:C2-2
N15002M Ever impaired co-ordination,balance
N15022M Has child ever had convulsions
N14862M Ever abnormal heart condition
Lower Respiratory System
N14842M Ever asthma,whzy bronch-nt early mild
N14852M Ever non-asthmatic chest complaint
N15032M Operation which child has had MC:C1-3
N15042M Operation which child has had MC:C2-3
N15052M Operation which child has had MC:C3-3
N15062M Other specialist treatment,hospital
N14972M Bone,limb,joint condition M:C 1-2
N14982M Bone,limb,joint condition M:C 2-2
N15012M Psychiatric,psychological treatment
N14872M Ever recurrent skin complaint-MC1:2
N14882M Child-recurrent skin complaint-MC2:2
Upper Respiratory System
N14832M Ever non-trans E.N.T probs-nt hearing
N14932M Is chld incontinent of urine, now
N14942M Abnormal kidneys,bladder etc. M:C 1-3
N14952M Abnormal kidneys,bladder etc. M:C 2-3
N14962M Abnormal kidneys,bladder etc. M:C 3-3
Vision History
N14802M Has child ever had abnormal eye cond
N14812M Does child usually wear glasses
N14822M Has child ever had impaired hearing