At eleven this was relatively brief, and contained questions on leisure activities and attitudes to school. Each child was also asked to write a short composition on the life he imagined he would be leading at the age of 25.

N10012S T.score BSAG Inconsequential Behavior
N10042S Tot score-BSAG Miscellaneous Symptoms
N10052S T.score BSAG Misc Nervous Symptoms
N10082S BSAG Total score for all syndromes
N10492S BSAG-Misc Symptoms Syndrome-MC1:4
N10502S BSAG-Misc Symptoms Syndrome-MC2:4
N10512T BSAG-Misc Symptoms Syndrome-MC3:4
N10522S BSAG-Misc Symptoms Syndrome-MC4:4
N10612S BSAG- Attendance M:C 1-4
N10622S BSAG- Attendance M:C 2-4
N10632S BSAG- Attendance M:C 3-4
N10642S BSAG- Attendance M:C 4-4
N10662S BSAG- Appearance M:C 1-3
N10672S BSAG- Appearance M:C 2-3
N10682S BSAG- Appearance M:C 3-3
N10712S BSAG- Miscellaneous M:C 1-3
N10722S BSAG- Miscellaneous M:C 2-3
N10732S BSAG- Miscellaneous M:C 3-3
N10772S BSAG- Health factors-1 M:C 1-2
N10782S BSAG- Health factors-1 M:C 2-2
N10792S BSAG- Health factors-2 M:C 1-5
N10802S BSAG- Health factors-2 M:C 2-5
N10812S BSAG- Health factors-2 M:C 3-5
N10822S BSAG- Health factors-2 M:C 4-5
N10832S BSAG- Health factors-2 M:C 5-5
N10882S BSAG- Health factors-3 M:C 1-5
N10892S BSAG- Health factors-3 M:C 2-5
N10902S BSAG- Health factors-3 M:C 3-5
N10912S BSAG- Health factors-3 M:C 4-5
N10922S BSAG- Health factors-3 M:C 5-5
N10952S BSAG- Size M:C 1-2
N10962S BSAG- Size M:C 2-2
N9622S Standard region
N9702S Date on BSAG Questionnaire-month
N9712S Date on BSAG Questionnaire-year
N9742S Tot score-BSAG Unforthcoming Syndrome
N9772S Total score-BSAG Withdrawal Syndrome
N9802S Total score-BSAG Depression Syndrome
N9832S T.score-BSAG Anxiety Acceptnce,Adults
N9862S Tot score-BSAG Hostility Towards Adul
N9892S T.score-BSAG 'Writing Off Adults'
N9922S T.score-BSAG Anxiety Acceptnce,Childn
N9952S T.score-BSAG Hostility towards Childn
N9982S Tot score-BSAG Restlessness Syndrome