B - Section A - The School

The areas covered include: type and size of school, social composition and academic record of the school, provision for sex education and career advice, parent-school contacts, disciplinary methods used, size and nature of child's class, ability ratings, likely examination entries, details of any special provisions for the child, attendance record, prediction of future educational and occupational progress, and ratings of parental interest.

Section A - The School
N8242S Schools maintained by LEA
N8252S Schools not maintained by LEA
N8292S Total number of childn on school roll
N8322S Number of fulltime teachers in school
N8352S Full-time equiv of part-time teachers
N8362S Temporary, supply full-time teachers
N8372S Teachers with less than 1 whole year
N8382S Teachers with 1 or 2 whole years
N8392S Teachers with 3 to 5 whole years
N8402S Teachers with 6 to 10 whole years
N8412S Teachers with more than 10 whole yrs.
N8452S How old are the main school buildings