G - Derived Variables

The questionnaire used for the birth survey was designed to be completed by the midwife in attendance at delivery, with reference to all available records and after an interview with the mother. Information recorded included: social and family background, details of past obstetric history,antenatal care and abnormalities during pregnancy, length and abnormalities of labour, analgesia and anaesthesia as well as sex, weight, progress, management and outcome of the infant. This information was supplemented, in the case of stillbirths or neonatal deaths, with a clinical summary by the midwife and medical attendants.

Derived Variables
N5150 Birthweight-gestational age for sex
N5160 Birthweight for gest age for sex
N2360P Social class of mother's husband (GRO 1951)
N5140 Status of PMS births with no NCDS1
N6390 Ma's smoking after mth 4 of pregnancy
N6600 Mother's,father's social class 1958 (GRO 1951)
N18310 Illness noted in PMS-MC 1:3
N18320 Illness noted in PMS-MC 2:3
N18330 Illness noted in PMS-MC 3:3
N5050 Previous abortions or ectopics
N5060 Prev premature livebirths. . 5lb 9oz.
N5070 Previous large births .8lbs 14oz +.
N5080 Past stillbirths and neonatal deaths
N5090 Past complications of pregnancy, etc
N5320 Interval between this birth and last