E - Section 5 - Details of Labour

The questionnaire used for the birth survey was designed to be completed by the midwife in attendance at delivery, with reference to all available records and after an interview with the mother. Information recorded included: social and family background, details of past obstetric history,antenatal care and abnormalities during pregnancy, length and abnormalities of labour, analgesia and anaesthesia as well as sex, weight, progress, management and outcome of the infant. This information was supplemented, in the case of stillbirths or neonatal deaths, with a clinical summary by the midwife and medical attendants.

Section 5 - Details of Labour
N5270 Duration of labour-1st stage:hours
N5280 Duration of labour-2nd stage-minutes
N5290 Duration membranes ruptured-hours
N5310 Whether labour induced
N5340 Method of actual delivery
N5350 Foetal distress
N5360 Inhalational analgesia
N5570 Delivery-Supervision Groups
N5560 Place of booking-& delivery if diff