B - Section 2 - Parental Information

The questionnaire used for the birth survey was designed to be completed by the midwife in attendance at delivery, with reference to all available records and after an interview with the mother. Information recorded included: social and family background, details of past obstetric history,antenatal care and abnormalities during pregnancy, length and abnormalities of labour, analgesia and anaesthesia as well as sex, weight, progress, management and outcome of the infant. This information was supplemented, in the case of stillbirths or neonatal deaths, with a clinical summary by the midwife and medical attendants.

Section 2 - Parental Information
N5530 Mother's age last birthday,in years
N5450 Mother's present marital status
N5200 Interval between marriage & 1st birth
N4900 Socio-economic group mother's husband (GRO 1951)
N4920 Social class mother's husband (GRO 1951)
N4940 Husband's age in years,1958
N5370 Was mum at sch. after min.leaving age
N5240 SEG maternal GPa as mum left school (GRO 1951)
N5250 SEG maternal GPa-Miner,foreman code (GRO 1951)
N5260 Mothers fathers social class (GRO 1951)
N5710 Mums fathers soc class + miner codes (GRO 1951)
N5490 Siblings alive,dead when mum left sch
N5500 Birth order - mums live siblings
N5510 Birth order-all mums siblings
N5520 Siblings alive when mum left school
N5390 Mums paid job when starting this baby (GRO 1951)
N5400 Mums paid job during pregnancy (GRO 1951)
N5430 Hrs of work in pregnancy & wk stopped
N5420 Week in which mother stopped work
N5120 M Number of persons per room
N5460 Mum-No. cooked for when 1st pregnant
N4960 Mother's weight in stones,1958
N4970 Gestation period in days
N5000 Week of mothers 1st antenatal visit
N5010 Total number of antenatal vsits
N5020 Smoking prior to pregnancy
N5030 Smoking during pregnancy