C - Section B

The areas covered include: type and size of school, social composition and academic record of the school, provision for sex education and career advice, parent-school contacts, disciplinary methods used, size and nature of child's class, ability ratings, likely examination entries, details of any special provisions for the child, attendance record, prediction of future educational and occupational progress, and ratings of parental interest.

Section B
N321S Systematic teaching of phonics begun
N331S Formal written arithmetic in school
N341S Handicapped chld in sch teaching unit
N351S Help in school for ESN, backwardness
N371S In need spec school within 5yrs
N381S Chld may need spec educ help in 2yrs
N391S Agency referral-difficulties in sch.
N401S Sch progress affected by non-referral
N411S Parents initiative to discuss child
N421S Teachers initiative to discuss child
N431S Mother's interest in childs education
N441S Father's interest in childs education
N451S Settled down after starting school