B - Section A

The areas covered include: type and size of school, social composition and academic record of the school, provision for sex education and career advice, parent-school contacts, disciplinary methods used, size and nature of child's class, ability ratings, likely examination entries, details of any special provisions for the child, attendance record, prediction of future educational and occupational progress, and ratings of parental interest.

Section A
N131S % LEA which was comprehensive in 1974
N18511D In Word blind, Adoption study ? MC1:2
N18521D In Word blind, Adoption study ? MC2:2
N201S Category of school maintained by LEA
N211S LEA schools with nursery class
N221S Schools not maintained by a LEA
N231S Non-LEA schools with nursery etc
N241S No.pupils aged 7+ on school roll
N271S Parent-teacher association in school
N281S Educational meetings arranged for PTA
N291S Social functions arranged for parents
N301S Substantial help from parents for sch
N311S Time spent in sch. by pre-school kids
N6041SMD Child needs special school,educn
N6051D Is child at junior or infant school
N6061SD Child's school attendance grouped