A - Medical Examination

The medical officer obtained information on aspects of medical history, similar to that obtained from parents. He or she recorded the results of test of near and distant vision, hearing, speech, and motor co-ordination and measured the child's height and weight. In the course of a systematic examination, results were recorded of any findings relating to skin conditions, hernias, respiratory tract infections, and any defects in the cardiovascular system, the alimentary tract, the urogenital system, bones and joints, and the neuromuscular system.

Abnormal Conditions
N4011M General motor handicap
N4021M Disfiguring condition
N4031M Mental retardation
N4041M Emotional maladjustment
N4051M Abnormal head and neck
N4061M Abnormal upper limb
N4071M Abnormal lower limb
N4081M Abnormal spine
N4091M Abnormal respiratory system
N4101M Abnormal alimentary system
N4111M Abnormal urogenital system
N4121M Abnormal heart
N4131M Abnormal blood
N4141M Abnormal skin
N4151M Epileptic condition
N4161M Other C.N.S. condition
N4171M Diabetes
N4181M Any other condition
N3301M Date on Medical Exam - month & year
N3311M Person with child at medical exam.
Alimentary and Urogenital
N3621M Inguinal hernia
N3631M Other hernia
CNS and Skeletal
N3671M Cerebral palsy
N3681M Tics habit spasm
N3691M Congenital upper limb defect
N3701M Any malfunction of upper limb
N3711M Congenital lower limb defect
N3721M Any malfunction of lower limb
N4211M Skull deformity
N4221M Spina bifida
N4231M Other spinal disorder
N4241M Talipes
N4251M Other neurological,skeletal disorder
N3501M Pathological heart condition
N3511M Any other sign of heart disease
N3541M Other heart murmer
Derived Variables
N18161M Additional asthma information
N18171D Defects found in NCDS1 sample-MC 1:4
N18181D Defects found in NCDS1 sample-MC 2:4
N18191D Defects found in NCDS1 sample-MC 3:4
N18201D Defects found in NCDS1 sample-MC 4:4
N18221D Defects in NCDS1 sample cont-MC 1:3
N18231D Defects in NCDS1 sample cont-MC 2:3
N18241D Defects in NCDS1 sample cont.-MC 3:3
N18271D Handicaps-MC 1:3
N18281D Handicaps-MC 2:3
N18291D Handicaps-MC 3:3
N18371M Maternal illness while pregnantM:C1-2
N18381M Maternal illness while pregnantM:C2-2
N184212D Epilepsy identification
N18501D Asthma identifcation
N3451M Mouth or palate abnormality
N3461M Total missing,filled & carious teeth
N3481M Permanent incisors have appeared
N3491M Signs of past,present otitis media
N3521M Deformity of external ear
N3421M Major handicap,disfiguring condition
Head Circumference
N3391M Head circumference- nearest 0.5 inch
Hearing Test
N3871M Incorrect hearing responses-right ear
N3881M Incorrect hearing responses-left ear
N3891M Doctor's assessment of hearing
N3321M Childs height, no shoes-nearest inch
N3341M Childs height,no shoes-to centimeter
N3731M Hand laterality test-throw & draw
N3741M Foot laterality test-kick & hop
N3751M Eye laterality test-tube & card
N3531M Abnormal chest shape
N3641M Eczema
Special Education
N3901M Reason for Special Education MC1:3
N3911M Reason for Special Education MC2:3
N3921M Reason for Special Education MC3:3
N3971M Spec educn treatment,spec school
N3981M Child in special teaching unit
N3991M Consideration for special sch likely
N4001M Education most suitable for child
Speech Test
N3831M Mispronounced words-test sentences
N3851M Any stammer present
N3861M Assessment of speech intelligibility
Urine Test
N3651M URISTIX urine test-Protein colour
N3661M URISTIX urine test-Glucose colour
Vision Test
N3761M Vision test result for right eye
N3771M Vision test result for left eye
N3781M Vision test result for right eye
N3791M Vision test result for left eye
N3801M Evidence of squint on result of test
N3811M Latent squint
N3821M Doctor's assessment of vision
N3371M Childs weight,underclothes-nearest lb