Q - Social Environment

The following areas have been covered: Father's and mother's occupation, length of parents' education, smoking habits, aspirations and expectations for child's future education and occupation, family relationships, parent-school contacts, sources of income and indices of poverty, housing circumstances, child's general health and information on accidents, hospital admissions and visits to the doctor, and details of medical history relating to vision, hearing, speech therapy, convulsions, asthma, migraine, enuresis, psychiatric problems, dental care and pubertal development.

Q - Social Environment
N3001P Family contact-Childrens department
N3011P Family contact-Dr.Barnardos,etc
N3021P Family contact-Psychiat. soc worker
N3031P Family contact-School welfare officer
N3041P Family contact-Nat assistance board
N3051P Family contact-NSPCC or RSSPCC
N3061P Family contact-Family service unit
N3071P Family contact-Probation officer
N3081P Family contact-Marriage guidance
N3091P Fam contact-Tuberculosis hlth visitor
N3101P Family contact-Mental welfare officer
N3111P Fam contact-Nat Cncl Unmarried Mums
N3121P Fam contact-Any hndcapped kids assoc
N3131P Fam contact-Other statutory body, etc
N3141P Family difficulties-Housing
N3151P Family difficulties-Financial
N3161P Fam difficlts-Phys illness,disability
N3171P Fam difficlts-Mental illness,neurosis
N3181P Fam difficulties-Mental subnormality
N3191P Family difficulties-Death of father
N3201P Family difficulties-Death of mother
N3211P Fam diffclts-Divorce,separatn,desertn
N3221P Family difficulties-Domestic tension
N3231P Family difficulties-In-law conflicts
N3241P Family difficulties-Unemployment
N3251P Family difficulties-Alcoholism
N3261P Family difficulties-Other
N3271P Living pattern-markedly different
N3281P Quality of mothers spoken English