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Happy school children

Why money doesn’t necessarily buy happiness

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Mother and daughter

Why family life matters

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Turning 16 in the 21st century

Turning 16 in the 21st century

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Pregnancy and breastfeeding

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You're helping to change the future!

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What happens next in the Age 14 Survey?


Now that visits are over, the CNC team has a lot of work to do!


We are busy sorting through information from all 11,726 families who took part this time. We hope to send you some of our findings next year.

Five minutes with... Vilma Agalioti


In a new series of posts, we’ll be introducing you to some of the people who work on Child of the New Century here at the Centre for Longitudinal Studies (CLS).


First up is our Research Data Manager, Vilma Agalioti!


How you're helping make a difference


The Government’s Child Obesity Strategy has used evidence from Child of the New Century to underpin its plans to improve children’s health.


CNC has shown how children's health has changed over time, and what can be done to help young people live active, healthy lives.