Technical reports

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Geographical data and the CLS cohort studies

Author:   SHEPHERD, P


This document outlines information on different geographies available for the National Child Development Study (NCDS), the 1970 British Cohort Study (BCS70) and the Millennium Cohort Study, which might be used for the study of, for example, migration histories; and national, regional and other differences.

Date published:   14/06/2012

Date posted:   14/06/2012

MCS - Technical Report on Response in Sweep 5 (Age 11)

Author:   MOSTAFA, T.


This report explores attrition in sweep 5 (age 11) of MCS and presents the
procedures used in the construction of the sweep 5 unit non-response weights.

Date published:   10/04/2014

Date posted:   10/04/2014