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NCDS 1991 - Technical Report

Author:   Patricia Prescott-Clarke (SCPR), Nick Moon (NOP), Deborah Manley (RSGB)


This report describes the work undertaken by the consortium of SCPR, NOP and RSGB over the period May 1989 to August 1992 on survey development and implementation.

Date published:   01/09/1993

Date posted:   29/04/2005

NCDS 2000 / BCS2000 Technical Report

Author:   Debbie Collins, Kavita Deepchand, Rory Fitzgerald,Jane Perry, John Bynner, Neville Butler, Elsa Ferri, Peter Shepherd, Kate Smith



Date published:   01/09/2001

Date posted:   02/05/2005

NCDS 2000 / BCS2000 Technical Report Appendices

Author:   JCLR



Date published:   01/09/2001

Date posted:   02/05/2005

MCS1 - Technical Report on Instrument Development and Fieldwork

Author:   Andrew Shaw, Lisa Calderwood

Description:  The central objective of this technical report is to document NatCen’s contribution to the first sweep. The next chapter (2) details the development work undertaken to prepare the first sweep, which included a pilot survey and dress rehearsal. Readers needing information solely on the main survey and not on the ‘hows and whys’ of development, may wish to skip this chapter. Chapter 3 outlines the sample design and explains the procedures for respondent selection. Chapter 4 summarises the final survey instrumentation and Chapter 5 describes how the fieldwork was conducted. Chapter 6 discusses the progress of fieldwork, quality control thereof and issues which arose during this phase. Chapter 7 covers the verification of information on the achieved sample and the dispatch of thank you letters to respondents. Chapter 8 accounts for the survey response and Chapter 9 describes
procedures for coding, editing and preparation of the data. Various documents used in the study are to be found in the Appendix.

Date published:   01/06/2004

Date posted:   20/05/2005

MCS: Technical Report on Sampling - 3rd Edition

Author:   Ian Plewis, with contributions from Lisa Calderwood, Denise Hawkes, Gareth Hughes and Heather Joshi


The third edition of what is expected to be a continually expanding description of the design and sampling outcomes of the Millennium Cohort Study as it progresses from sweep to sweep. It covers all the material (except for the appendices) from the first edition (August 2001), some of which has been slightly amended. It includes the rationale for the  underpinning design, the definition of the study population, the target sample for Sweep 1 and how it was selected and obtained. In addition, it includes final response rates for Sweep 1 (cohort at nine months of age), and the computation of sampling errors for the Sweep 1 data, taking into account the effects of stratification and clustering. These results were included in the second edition (May 2003) but have been slightly amended and expanded to take account of corrections to the dataset after the initial deposit with the Data Archive. This third edition also includes new material, in particular analyses of non-response for Sweep 1.

Date published:   01/06/2004

Date posted:   20/05/2005

Changes in the NCDS and BCS70 Populations and Samples over Time

Author:   Ian Plewis, Lisa Calderwood, Denise Hawkes, Gad Nathan

Description:  National Child Development Study and 1970 British Cohort Study Technical Report: This document is the first edition of what is intended to be an expanding account of the NCDS and BCS70 populations and samples as they change over time. The second edition will update the material presented here to include the two sweeps (NCDS, sweep 7 and BCS70, sweep 6) currently in the field. This edition covers the complete sweeps of NCDS up to sweep 6 (when the cohort members were age 42 in the year 2000) and BCS70 up to sweep 5 (when the cohort members were age 30 in the year 2000). It does not, however, yet include any material on studies of sub-samples of the two cohorts nor about the NCDS sample of children of the cohort members. Response data files for the two studies, containing survey outcome codes for each cohort member at each sweep, were used to construct the tables in this report. These files have been deposited at the UK Data Archive.

Date published:   01/10/2004

Date posted:   03/05/2005

MCS: Technical Report on Response (Second Edition)

Author:   Plewis, I. and Ketende, S. with contributions from Calderwood, L., Hansen, K., Joshi, H. and the MCS team


This is the first edition of a report on response in the Millennium Cohort Study as it progresses from sweep two onwards. This edition includes material just for sweep two and covers the evolution of the population and sample after sweep one, information about families who were included in the study for the first time at sweep two, and response rates for sweep two.

Date published:   01/06/2006

Date posted:   13/05/2009

NCDS 2002 Biomedical Technical Report

Author:   Elizabeth Fuller (National Centre for Social Research) Christine Power (Institute of Child Health) Peter Shepherd (Centre for Longitudinal Studies) David Strachan (St George‚Äôs, University of London)


In 1999, the Medical Research Council awarded funding for the first biomedical study of NCDS cohort members in adulthood as part of its ‘Health of the Public’ initiative. The grant is held jointly by the Institute of Child Health, St George’s Hospital Medical School (now St George’s, University of London), the Centre for Longitudinal Studies and the National Centre for Social Research.

The survey was designed to obtain objective measures of ill-health and biomedical risk factors. The broad aims were to explore the impact of developmental,  environmental and lifestyle factors on ill-health, and physiological and psychological function among adults in early middle age; to investigate the effect of such factors on geographical and socioeconomic health inequalities; and to make possible comparisons between these adults in early middle age and members of the MRC funded 1946 birth cohort at the same age. The research was also intended to address a wide range of specific hypotheses relating to anthropometry, cardiovascular, respiratory and allergic diseases, visual and hearing impairment, and mental ill-health.

The key biological markers of health obtained from the cohort members in their early 40s were designed to serve as  outcomes for analyses of the environmental, psychosocial, biological and behavioural factors in different stages in life from birth onwards. They are also intended to supply baseline measures for future studies of the health of these adults from early middle age through to later life. An independent committee, chaired by Professor Alan Silman, was appointed at the outset of the project to oversee the conduct of the project. Ethical approval for the NCDS biomedical survey was obtained from the South-east Multi-centre Research Ethics Committee.

Date published:   01/07/2006

Date posted:   13/12/2006

MCS2 - Technical Report on Fieldwork

Author:   NOP


Date published:   01/08/2006

Date posted:   01/08/2006