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MCS3 user guide: User's guide to initial findings

Author:   Kirstine Hansen and Heather Joshi (Eds)


Date published:   17/10/2008

Date posted:   17/10/2008

MCS - The development of children living in Wales: Analysis of the Millennium Cohort Study

Author:   Shirley Dex, Andrew Cullis and Kirstine Hansen

Description:  This report examines the factors associated with the cognitive and behavioural ability of children in the Millennium Cohort Study (MCS). It was prepared for the Welsh Assembly Government, to inform their interest in the sources of inequality in child outcomes in the context of policy for a Fair and Just Society. It is based on analyses of child outcomes in the UK as a whole and Wales in particular at age 5.

Date published:   29/07/2010

Date posted:   29/07/2010

The consequences at age 7 of early childhood disadvantage in Northern Ireland and Great Britain

Author:   Alice Sullivan, Heather Joshi, Sosthenes Ketende and Polina Obolenskaya

Description:  A Report to the Northern Ireland Office of the First Minister and Deputy First Minister, December 2010, based on evidence from the Millennium Cohort Study

Date published:   07/12/2010

Date posted:   07/12/2010

MC4 user guide: User's guide to initial findings (2nd edition)

Author:   Kirstine Hansen, Elizabeth Jones, Heather Joshi and David Budge


This 2nd edition of the User's Guide to Initial Findings from the fourth sweep of the UK Millennium Cohort Study includes revisions made to the sections of Chapter 9 on overweight and obesity in which an error was discovered in the first edition (Oct 2010).

Date published:   15/12/2010

Date posted:   15/12/2010

NCDS ethical review and consent

Author:   Peter Shepherd


This note reports on the approach adopted to ethical review and informed consent for the various stages of the 1958 National Child Development Study (NCDS) - a continuing, multidisciplinary longitudinal study which takes as its subjects all the people born in one week in England, Scotland and Wales in one week in 1958.

Date published:   01/11/2012

Date posted:   01/11/2012