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NCDS BCS - Childhood Risks and Outcomes of Social Exclusion: Insights from longitudinal data

Author:   John Bynner

Description:  This report was the second of two produced for the OECD (see Bynner 1996).  The first part is devoted to the concept of social exclusion and how it relates to ideas of risk and protection. The second part focuses on the idea of childhood risk and protection. The next two sections examine in more detail findings from longitudinal research, first on risk and protective factors and second on life course patterns leading to social exclusion in adulthood. The final section draws some general conclusions about the social exclusion process and considers some implications for policy.

Date published:   01/06/2000

Date posted:   03/04/2007

NCDS - What are the causes of social exclusion affecting young children?

Author:   John Bynner

Description:  Invited paper presented to the ministerial briefing organised by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, for HM Treasury cross-departmental review of provision for young children, March 11th 1998.

Date published:   11/03/1998

Date posted:   15/03/2007

NCDS - The Wider Benefits of Higher Education

Author:   John Bynner and Muriel Egerton


This report was sponsored by HEFCE  and the Smith Institute and is available from the HEFCE website.
The research used NCDS data to assess the effects of higher education on a number of non-economic adult outcomes, with controls in place to take into account earlier family circumstances and earlier educational attainment. Outcomes were mainly assessed at age 33. Control variables spanned the period from 33 back to birth.

Date published:   01/07/2001

Date posted:   08/03/2010

NCDS - Origins of social exclusion: risk factors affecting young children

Author:   John Bynner

Description:  Which children are most at risk of becoming socially excluded? Invited paper presented to the HM Treasury inter-governmental seminar, cross-departmental review of provision for young children, January 21st 1998

Date published:   21/01/1998

Date posted:   15/03/2007

MCS3 user guide: User's guide to initial findings

Author:   Kirstine Hansen and Heather Joshi (Eds)


Date published:   17/10/2008

Date posted:   17/10/2008

MCS2 - User's Guide to Initial Findings

Author:   Kirstine Hansen and Heather Joshi

Description:  Millennium Cohort Study Second Survey Guide to Initial Findings

Date published:   01/07/2007

Date posted:   15/10/2010

MCS1 - Health Visitor Survey: Interim Report

Author:   Angela Brassett-Grundy, Heather Joshi, Neville Butler


Date published:   01/02/2004

Date posted:   24/05/2005

MCS1 - ESRC End of Award Report 2002

Author:   CLS


Date published:   01/10/2002

Date posted:   10/06/2005

MCS1 - Demographic and socio-economic characteristics of ethnic minority mothers in England

Author:   Hiranthi Jayaweera, Christine A. Hockley, Margaret E. Redshaw & Maria A. Quigley

Description:  There is evidence that, like poverty and low income, ethnic minority grouping is a significant risk factor for poor health outcomes for mothers and babies, as reflected in infant deaths and maternal mortality, lower birth-weight and infant and maternal morbidity.  This report was produced by researchers at the National Perinatal Epidemiology Unit, Oxford.

Date published:   28/03/2007

Date posted:   28/03/2007

MCS Fertility Survey Technical Report on Response

Author:   Denise Hawkes

Description:  This technical report looks at the overall response rate to the MCS Fertlity Survey, the item response rate, and possible determinants of overall response.

Date published:   17/01/2006

Date posted:   17/01/2006