User guides to the datasets

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  • User guides can also be found on the surveys and documentation pages for NCDS, BCS70 and MCS.

NCDS user guide: Re-deposited datasets for the first six sweeps (1958-2000)

Author:   Brian Dodgeon, Jane Elliott, Jon Johnson, Peter Shepherd


Date published:   01/11/2006

Date posted:   06/02/2007

NCDS user guide: Region variables

Author:   Peter Shepherd, Jon Johnson


Date published:   01/11/2006

Date posted:   09/06/2009

NCDS user guide: Warnock study of handicapped school leavers (1976)

Author:   PARSONS, S


This document provides a guide to the Warnock Study of Handicapped School Leavers and the data from the study that has been deposited by CLS. The Warnock Study was carried out in the summer and autumn of 1976, with selected members of the 1958 National Child Development Study when they were 18 years of age. Information was gathered for some 508 individuals, both ‘handicapped’ and ‘nonhandicapped’. The study was carried out for the Committee of Enquiry into the Education of Handicapped Children and Young People (the Warnock Committee) by a team based at the National Children’s Bureau.

Date published:   24/02/2012

Date posted:   24/02/2012

NCDS6/BCS 2000 - Guide to the Combined Dataset

Author:   Peter Shepherd

Description:  This is the Guide which accompanied the original deposit of the combined NCDS/BCS70 1999/2000 dataset at the UK Data Archive in June 2001.

Date published:   01/06/2001

Date posted:   27/05/2005

NCDS8 - Guide to the Interim Dataset

Author:   Matt Brown, Jane Elliott, Margaret Hancock, Brian Dodgeon, Peter Shepherd

Description:  This guide accompanies the deposit of the NCDS8 interim dataset at the UK Data Archive in March 2009.
The dataset is comprised of a subset of 932 variables from the full list that will be included in the final version of the file which will be deposited with the Data Archive later this year and is based on 2,997 interviews completed between August and December 2008.

Date published:   18/03/2009

Date posted:   18/03/2009