Derived variables

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MCS2 - Derived Variables (2006)

Author:   Millennium Cohort Team


Date published:   01/08/2006

Date posted:   21/08/2006

MCS1 - Derived Variables (2004)

Author:   Lisa Calderwood, Kelly Ward and members of the Millennium Cohort Team


N.B. This document has been superceeded by the 2006 version. This documentation describes all of the derived variables deposited on the Millennium Cohort Study First Survey Dataset (February 2004). All information relevant to the derivation of each variable is provided.

Date published:   01/02/2004

Date posted:   22/07/2005

NCDS4 - Derived Variables

Author:   CLS

Description:  Based on SPSS command files created by members of the NCDS4 research team based at the National Children's Bureau during initial analysis of NCDS4 data in period 1982-1984.

Date published:   01/06/2000

Date posted:   29/04/2005

NCDS5 - Derived Variables

Author:   Kate Smith

Description:  Details of selected derived variables that have been developed by researchers during work analysing data from NCDS5. Provided is a comprehensive description of each variable including the name of the original author, details of source variables, the SPSS code to create the variable and distributions or statistics for the outcome variables where appropriate.

Date published:   01/01/2000

Date posted:   29/04/2005