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NCDS5 - Subjects of Qualifications and Courses

Author:   Peter Shepherd

Description:  NCDS5 Data Note 5

Date published:   05/06/2000

Date posted:   02/05/2005

NCDS5 - Job Histories: employment status 1974-91

Author:   Pierella Paci

Description:  NCDS5 Data Note 4

Date published:   04/06/2000

Date posted:   02/05/2005

NCDS5 - Partnership Histories

Author:   Pamela di Salvo

Description:  NCDS5 Data Note 2

Date published:   02/06/2000

Date posted:   02/05/2005

NCDS5 - Revised Housing Event History Dataset

Author:   Pamela di Salvo, Kate Smith

Description:  Data Note 1

Date published:   01/06/2000

Date posted:   02/05/2005