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BCS 1986 - Data Note 1: Enhancing the Head Teacher Dataset

Author:   Vania Gerova


This Data Note descibes the derivation of variables which shed more light on the type of schools surveyed in the 1986 Head Teacher Questionnaire, and their sex composition. 

Date published:   25/10/2006

Date posted:   25/10/2006

BCS Data Note - Programming Employment Histories in BCS70 Sweeps 5, 6 and 7

Author:   Kelly Ward


CLS Cohort Studies Data Note 2007/3. This documents the process by which employment data from three consecutive BCS70 sweeps was cleaned and consolidated into one dataset to provide a coherent job history.

Date published:   06/02/2007

Date posted:   13/02/2007

BCS1996-2000 Data Note: Partnership Histories

Author:   KALLIS, C

Description:  CLS Cohort Studies Data Note 4.  This document was produced to accompany the deposit at the UK Data Archive of the female partnership histories produced by Constantinos Kallis as part of an ESRC-funded project.

Date published:   01/07/2005

Date posted:   01/08/2005

BCS70 data note: Research on health and health behaviours based on the 1970 British Cohort Study

Author:   Samantha Parsons, Alice Sullivan, Matt Brown


This review covers research using information from the childhood waves of BCS70 (birth to 16 years) as either health outcomes or as predictors of later health outcomes. This paper will serve as a useful entry point for researchers investigating the extant literature on health using BCS70 data.

Date published:   21/10/2013

Date posted:   21/10/2013

Data Note 2007/4: NCDS6 Data Note - Derivation of Hope-Goldthorpe Occupational Classification

Author:   Shirley Dex and Kelly Ward


CLS Cohort Studies Data Note 2007/4.  This Data Note accompanies syntax devised to create a Hope-Goldthorpe scale classification of occupations for data from the 1958 National Child Development Study (NCDS) Sweep 6 (age 42). It is also possible to edit the variable names in the syntax in order to generate H-G scales for other birth cohort survey sweeps

Date published:   02/05/2007

Date posted:   02/05/2007

Data note 2011/1: Deriving Highest Qualification in NCDS and BCS70

Author:   Brian Dodgeon Maggie Hancock Jon Johnson Samantha Parsons


Date published:   01/01/2011

Date posted:   01/01/2011

Data Note 2012/1: Geographical data and the CLS cohort studies

Author:   SHEPHERD, P


This document outlines information on different geographies available for the National Child Development Study (NCDS), the 1970 British Cohort Study (BCS70) and the Millennium Cohort Study, which might be used for the study of, for example, migration histories; and national, regional and other differences.

Date published:   14/06/2012

Date posted:   14/06/2012

MCS Data Note 1: The home learning environment as measured in the MCS at age 3

Author:   de la Rochebrochard, E.


This data note provides detail on the questions and general findings relating to the home learning environment index (HLE index) in the MCS age 3 survey. In 2008, Melhuish et al. investigated the influence of aspects of home environment on literacy and numeracy achievement at two points: school entry and the end of the third year of school. Six of the seven activities used in their HLE index were collected during the MCS age 3 survey.

Date published:   25/07/2012

Date posted:   25/07/2012

MCS data note 2013/1: Interpreting test scores

Author:   Roxanne Connelly


This data note presents an overview of the MCS variables covering performance on standardised tests in sweep two (age 3), sweep three (age 5) and sweep four (age7) of the survey and aims to aid the analyst in successfully utilising these measures in their research. Three suites of tests are described: The British Ability Scales (used at sweeps 2, 3 and 4), The Bracken School Readiness Assessment and the NFER Progress in Maths Test.

Date published:   23/09/2013

Date posted:   23/09/2013

NCDS5 - Child Histories: reconciling self-completion and interview data

Author:   Pamela Di Salvo

Description:  NCDS5 Data Note 10

Date published:   10/06/2000

Date posted:   02/05/2005