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NCDS5-6 Data Note: Programming Employment Histories in NCDS4, 5 and 6

Author:   Kelly Ward

Description:  CLS Cohort Studies Data Note 2007/2. This documents the SPSS algorithm used to clean and consolidate employment data from three consecutive NCDS sweeps was into one dataset to provide a coherent job history.

Date published:   05/02/2007

Date posted:   13/02/2007

NCDS6/BCS 2000 Data Note - Household Grid Variables

Author:   Rose Creeser

Description:  CLS Cohort Studies Data Note 3.  This document outlines the cleaning work undertaken in 2002 to eliminate internal inconsistencies in the household grid variables in the original (June 2001) version of the NCDS/BCS70 1999/2000 dataset.

Date published:   03/12/2002

Date posted:   29/05/2005

NCDS6/BCS 2000 Data Note - Pregnancy Histories

Author:   Brian Dodgeon

Description:  CLS Cohort Studies Data Note 2.  This document explains how the pregnancy history variables in the combined NCDS/BCS70 1999/2000 dataset were cleaned to eliminate anomalies, chiefly involving wrong birth orders. 

Date published:   02/12/2002

Date posted:   28/05/2005

Rationalising BCS70 Case Identifiers

Author:   Brian Dodgeon


CLS Cohort Studies Data Note 1.  This document explains the work done to ensure that all BCS70 cases could be linked longitudinally by means of one unique idenitifer (KEY), instead of the BCS70 serial number, which only applied to a limited number of cohort members. 

Date published:   01/12/2002

Date posted:   27/05/2005