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A Profile of Population Change in Rural England

Author:   Heather Jo


CLS Working Paper 2008/4. A new official classification of rurality has been developed for England on the basis of settlement patterns. This paper investigates some differences in the socio-demographic profile of Rural and Urban England taking evidence from the Millennium Cohort Study, and the ONS Longitudinal Study spanning 4 censuses since 1971.

Date published:   18/06/2008

Date posted:   18/06/2008

A descriptive analysis of the drinking behaviour of the 1958 cohort at age 33 and the 1970 cohort at age 34

Author:   Jane Ellio


CLS Working Paper 2007/3. This paper provides a comparison of the drinking patterns of members of the 1958 British Birth Cohort at age 33 in 1991 and members of the 1970 British Birth Cohort at age 34 in 2004. In particular the focus is on the relationships between social class, gender and drinking behaviour and how these may have changed over time. In addition we exploit the detailed information available in the cohort studies about the kinds of alcohol that individuals drink to provide a description of how this varies between the two cohorts born twelve years apart.

Date published:   25/07/2007

Date posted:   26/07/2007