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Variation within Households in Consent to Link Survey Data to Administrative Records: Evidence from the UK Millennium Cohort Study

Author:   Tarek Mostafa


CLS Working Paper 2014/8 This study expands our knowledge of consent in linking survey and administrative data by studying respondents’ behaviour when consenting to link their own records and when consenting to link those of their children. The study uses data from the longitudinal Millennium Cohort Study to analyse the correlates of consent in multiple domains (i.e. linkage of education, health and economic records). The findings show that respondent’s behaviour vary depending on the consent domain (i.e. education, health, and economic records) and on the person for whom consent is sought (i.e. main respondent vs. cohort member).

Date published:   04/11/2014

Date posted:   04/11/2014

Vocabulary from adolescence to middle age

Author:   Alice Sullivan and Matt Brown


CLS working paper 2014/7 The 1970 British Cohort Study (BCS70) data is rich in cognitive measures taken during childhood and adolescence, and also includes adult measures of literacy and numeracy. For the first time, the 2012 survey included a repeat measure in adulthood of a cognitive scale which had been used previously with the cohort in childhood – a vocabulary test first taken in 1986, when the cohort members were 16 years old. We find that both educational and occupational attainment, and reading habits in childhood and adulthood, are linked to vocabulary growth.

Date published:   06/11/2014

Date posted:   06/11/2014