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Adult Participation and Progression in Education

Author:   John Bynner

Description:  This paper originally appeared as a chapter in COFFIELD, F (ed) (2000) 'What Progress Are We Making With Lifelong Learning?' University of Newcastle, Department of Education

Date published:   01/11/2000

Date posted:   02/03/2011

Applications of the NPD in Academic Research: Some Examples from the Centre for the Economics of Education

Author:   J. Wilson


Date published:   21/09/2007

Date posted:   28/01/2008

Bourdieu and Education: How Useful is Bourdieu’s Theory for Researchers?

Author:   Alice Sullivan

Description:  This article originally appeared in Volume 38(2) of the Netherlands Journal of Social Sciences (2002)

Date published:   01/01/2002

Date posted:   09/12/2010

Careers and Gender project: full bibliography

Author:   H. Joshi, S. Dex et al


Date published:   02/09/2010

Date posted:   02/09/2010

Childcare and Mothers’ Employment: Approaching the Millennium

Author:   Dr Kirstine Hansen


Date published:   01/06/2006

Date posted:   08/12/2006

Cross-National Research Using Contemporary Birth Cohort Studies: A Look at Early Maternal Employment in the United Kingdom and United States

Author:   D. A. Crosby and D. D. Hawkes


Date published:   07/01/2008

Date posted:   28/01/2008

Cultural Capital, Rational Choice and Educational Inequalities

Author:   Alice Sullivan

Description:  D Phil Thesis, Oxford University, 2000

Date published:   30/08/2000

Date posted:   22/02/2011

Does Mothers' Employment Conflict with Child Development?

Author:   H. Joshi and G. Verropoulou


Date published:   16/12/2006

Date posted:   23/01/2007

Does Mothers’ Employment conflict with Child Development?

Author:   H. Joshi and G. Verropoulou


Date published:   07/01/2007

Date posted:   28/01/2008

Early Childcare and Child Development

Author:   K. Hansen and D. Hawkes


Date published:   01/05/2007

Date posted:   23/01/2008