NCDS 60 years of our lives

8th March 2018 to 9th March 2018

Keynote speakers: Professors Richard Blundell, and Barbara Maughan

About the conference:

The British birth cohort studies are one of Britain’s greatest national treasures. The findings stemming from them have been prolific and far reaching.

The National Child Development Study (NCDS) will turn 60 years old in March 2018. At the Centre for Longitudinal Studies we are organising a conference to celebrate this anniversary. 

Delegates will have the opportunity to:

  • present current work using cohort and longitudinal data
  • catch up on the latest developments in longitudinal methods
  • network with longitudinal researchers from across the social and biomedical sciences
  • hear from a special panel of distinguished researchers whose careers have been influenced by NCDS (including former directors John Bynner, Jane Elliott, and Heather Joshi; and others including Harvey Goldstein, John Goldthorpe, Chris Power and Michael Rutter)
  • find out about the frontiers of science using NCDS from a panel of leading researchers

Award nomination

Deadline for nominations, 5th January 2018

We are inviting nominations for the ‘best-ever’ paper published using NCDS. We will be presenting three awards that will reflect the study’s contribution to both the social and biological sciences. To submit a nomination for this award, please provide a reference to your nominated paper, and a short description of the reason for your nomination, via this link. Papers will be judged on their originality, methodological rigour, and impact. The award will be honorary, there is no specific prize associated with it.

We are asking for your help to make sure we identify the best papers using NCDS, and invite you to nominate papers for this award that fit the following criteria:

  • uses NCDS data
  • published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal

A full list of publications using NCDS data can be found in the online bibliography on the CLS website.


For any enquiries please contact: