Longitudinal data across life: an introduction to cohort data, and its uses in social and health research

26th January 2017 12:00 to 15:00

Longitudinal data are a powerful resource for addressing a wide range of scientific questions in various social, health, political and geographical sciences.

For example, what determines health across life? How has social mobility changed? What determines voting preferences?

This workshop will give both first-time and more experienced data usersan insight into four of the UK’s internationally-renowned cohort studies run by the Centre for Longitudinal Studies(CLS):

Delegates will be given an introduction to each of the cohort studies and further information on how to access and use them. There will also be updates about recent developments in each of the studies, including upcoming new data releases.

The workshop will be run by staff from CLS, which is based at the Department of Social Science, UCL Institute of Educationand will feature guest speakers, who will discuss their use of the cohort data across a range of disciplines.

Provisional programme outline

Welcome (5 mins)
Dr David Bann

Introduction to the cohort studies (60 mins)
Dr Vanessa Moulton, Brian Dodgeon & Dr David Bann

Interdisciplinary research examples (50 mins)
Dr Adrian Byrne - Multilevel modelling approach to analysing life course socioeconomic status and compensating for missingness

Dr Elisabeth Garratt - The role of income and income status on well-being in parents and children

Dr David Bann - Using longitudinal studies to examine changes in health inequality: cross-cohort differences in body mass index inequality

Break (15 mins)

Question and answer session – discuss your own research ideas / queries (up to 20 mins)
Dr Vanessa Moulton, Brian Dodgeon & Dr David Bann