NCDS Age 60 Consultation Event

11th July 2016 10:00 to 14:00

About the event

Delegates from the scientific community, government departments, members of the third sector and other stakeholders were invited to give their ideas and discuss scientific priorities for the data collection instruments for the Age 60 Survey of the National Child Development Study (NCDS).

Submissions to the online survey that took place from April-June 2016 were also discussed.

The Age 60 Survey provides the opportunity to collect a range of information from study members to aid the understanding of ageing across multiple life domains. It has the potential to inform a wide range of policies relating to work, health, relationships, and civic participation.

Speaker slides

Introduction to the NCDS at age 60 (PDF)
Alissa Goodman, Principal Investigator of NCDS, Centre for Longitudinal Studies

Health, wellbeing and cognition (PDF)
David Bann, Co-Investigator of NCDS, Centre for Longitudinal Studies

Finances and employment (PDF)
Gabriella Conti, Co-Investigator of NCDS, Centre for Longitudinal Studies

Family, relationships and identity (PDF)
James Nazroo, University of Manchester