1970 British Cohort Study - Introductory Webinar

14th October 2015 15:00 to 17:00


Hosted by the Centre for Longitudinal Studies (CLS), this session introduced the study to both first-time and more experienced data users.

The webinar covered:

• Introduction to BCS70
• How to access the data
• Documentation available
• About the BCS70 sample, including issues of non-response and attrition
• What’s new and upcoming

Speakers included Brian Dodgeon, CLS Research Fellow, Matt Brown, BCS70 Survey Manager and Tarek Mostafa, CLS Research Officer.

BCS70 is a multi-disciplinary research project following the lives of around 17,000 individuals born in one week in 1970. The study has been tracking the cohort from childhood into adulthood and has collected huge amounts of information about all aspects of life including social, physical and educational development; family circumstances; housing; co-habiting relationships; fertility and births; children and wider family; family income and wealth; economic activity; life long learning (qualifications achieved and training); health and health behaviours and social participation.

You can download the presentation slides here.