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  • Reading for Pleasure

    5th June 2017 18:19 to 10th May 2017


    As part of the 2017 UCL Festival of Culture, Professor Alice Sullivan will explore the positive influence of reading for pleasure on learning during the teenage years and into mid-life.

  • Webinar: Introduction to Next Steps and the Age 25 Survey

    27th June 2017 12:30 to 14:00


    This webinar introduces Next Steps (formerly the Longitudinal Study of Young People in England) to both first-time and more experienced users, focusing on the newly-available data from the age 25 survey.

  • Combining social and bio-medical data collection: pros and cons of different approaches

    4th July 2017 10:00 to 15:30


    This workshop will comprise presentations from a range of UK longitudinal studies regarding the advantages and disadvantages of the different approaches to combining social and bio-medical data collection.

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